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3 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Logistics Management Software

Providing a smooth customer experience is important to increase satisfaction. Take advantage of logistics management software to make things easier.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most critical parts of any industry, including logistics. Companies that provide excellent customer service see a four to eight percent increase in revenue compared to those that don’t. 

If your customers aren't satisfied, they'll turn to other companies to meet their needs. In a highly competitive space, what can you do to increase customer satisfaction? One way is by taking advantage of features included in logistics management software. Here are three ways you can use the software to improve your customer’s satisfaction. 

What is a complete software solution for logistics management?

Logistics management software exists to help you with every step of your delivery supply chain. The best software includes first, middle, and last mile management for a complete, one-stop-shop solution. It also includes helpful features such as real-time route optimization, driver tracking, order and delivery management, predictive alerts, customer updates, and more.

So how can you use this powerful technology to increase your customer’s satisfaction? Of the many features, it’s important to take advantage of order tracking, driver routes optimization, and customer-centric communication. By doing this, you will involve your customer in every step of the delivery process, from the moment you receive an order to the instant they receive their package. 

1. Use first, middle, and last mile tracking to provide visibility

Order updates are an essential part of the customer experience. Customers like visibility into their package movement. By providing insight right away, you’ll make your customers happy and head off potential questions.

First mile

First mile delivery covers the movement of goods as they travel across the initial stage of the supply chain. First mile tracking helps make the entire logistics process more visible for everyone. By providing this first detail, your customers can easily pull up their order status and determine where it is in the supply chain. 

As a bonus, you can provide an accurate estimated arrival time to your customer since you know where it’s at in the supply chain and where it’s headed. That visibility can make customers much more comfortable with the process.

Middle mile

Middle mile refers to any warehouse transfers an order goes through before lining up for final delivery. Again, the important factor here is providing visibility to your customers throughout the order delivery lifecycle. By providing updates during the transfer process, your customers can easily answer their delivery questions by pulling up tracking. 

Last mile

Last mile is the order movement to the final destination. This can happen after internal warehouse transfers, or depending on the final destination, occur right after the first mile.

You want to make sure your customers see the proper ETA so that they know when to expect their order. If you include last mile tracking, you can even update your customers on any delays due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances and help set their expectations.

Bonus: Return to origin

Some software solutions include return to origin (RTO) management and tracking. If a customer is unsatisfied with their order and wants to return it, you can provide them with updates as it moves back through the supply chain.

Despite a possible negative experience with the product, you can guarantee a seamless return process and still keep them satisfied with your business.

2. Reroute drivers for a more efficient delivery schedule

Software that includes route optimization is crucial to give your customers the most accurate ETA and deliver more packages in a faster amount of time. The last thing you want is your drivers to run around on an inefficient route, consume too much fuel, and possibly deliver late packages.

For more effective dispatch management, you should take advantage of software that will let you create efficient driver routes and even adjust them on the fly as traffic patterns shift. Not only will your customers appreciate quick service, but your drivers will also thank you, and you’ll be able to increase your delivery volume.

3. Show that you put your customers first

It's the little updates that matter most when you want to show just how customer service-oriented your business is. One way to do this is to take advantage of customer alerts. This includes tracking throughout the supply chain and updates from drivers as they get closer to delivering the package.

By providing updates before the customer asks, you show them that you care about their package just as much as they do. Another way to subtly show your customers you care is by providing them accurate updates when they ask. Logistics management software will include order visibility across your company, not just for customers to view.

If someone reaches out with a question about their order, your customer service team can quickly and easily access all the relevant information and provide helpful updates.

Bonus: A more efficient use of your resources

Your customers are not the only ones who will benefit from a logistics management software; it provides your business with a bird’s eye view of the supply chain. By keeping track of your entire supply chain on one system, you can ensure every resource is accounted for and used to its full potential. 

That means you can more efficiently schedule your fleet and drivers throughout the delivery process, whether it’s first, middle, last, or RTO. Route optimization and driver repositioning will ensure that you deliver packages at a higher volume in less time. 

Finding the right logistics management software for you

High customer satisfaction is critical in the logistics business. You want your customers to know that you are going the extra mile for them. This starts with a complete logistics management software. 

FleetRunnr is the best delivery and logistics management software designed for SMBs that manages everything from first mile to last mile. Deliver a higher standard of service to all your customers from one intuitive platform. 

Contact us to learn more and get started today.

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