An enterprise-grade logistics management platform
for small to medium-sized businesses

FleetRunnr is the best logistics and delivery software designed for distribution businesses. Integrate your supply chain seamlessly with the platform you already use. Automate your delivery process and increase your customer satisfaction.

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With features designed specifically for the high-demand distribution logistics industry, FleetRunnr allows you to adapt to your customers’ always-changing expectations.

Order Tracking

Keep an eye on all of your orders with FleetRunnr’s dynamic order tracking page. Monitor drivers, routes, traffic, ETAs, order status, driver idle times, and more.

order tracking on a logistics management platform
Proof of Pickup

Proof of Pickup & Delivery

Ensure that every package reaches its destination. Capture proof of pickup and dropoff using three different methods: a picture of the invoice, scanning a barcode, or an e-signature.

Advanced Order Creation Rules

Streamline your order creation process. Create multiple orders easily with intuitive manual entry, Excel file importing, or by linking to our open API.

Customer Engagement Features

Customer URLs

Keep your customers in the loop. Send each client a personal tracking URL that provides them with real-time delivery location and task details and allows them to access messaging features and provide feedback.

Simulation Module

Use simulation forecasting models to scale with ease and plan accordingly. Adjust your inputs—future orders, geography zones, timeframes, and drivers—to estimate your outputs in ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Simulation Module