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The 10 best logistics management software for SMBs in 2022

There are dozens of options when it comes to logistics management software. Here is our list of the best logistics management software for SMBs.

In the coming years, there will be a major increase in the adoption of logistics management software (LMS) for SMBs, a game-changing tool to gain complete control and transparency in the fulfillment process. 

The latest market analysis shows that the software's time-saving and cost-effective features are at the center of its incredible growth, boosting its significance and potential.

In fact, the market is forecasted to grow at a rate of 8.31% between 2020 and 2030, reaching 17.76 billion by 2030. As the market grows and more This insight highlights how important it is to use today's ever-evolving digital tools and technology to improve efficiency. To help with your search, we've compiled the top 10 best logistics management software for SMBs in 2022. 

Benefits of logistics software for SMBs

In a market where customer expectations are high, deliveries are shorter, and the competition is quickly piling up, you can either get ahead with the latest advancements or fall far behind. Your logistics management software can make it or break it in the entire supply chain process.

While an outdated LMS could hold you back from your full potential, an efficient LMS will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Real-time tracking, updates, and inventory.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and experience by meeting — if not exceeding — expectations.
  • Support better collaboration with a more holistic view of your products from their origin to the end-user. 
  • Save time and get your products closer to your customers. 
  • Reduce your risks by minimizing human errors
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Optimize your operational costs
  • Gain more control 

Key features to look for in logistics management software as an SMB

Logistics management is a complex process with various components that run the operation, from supplies and agents to distributors, packers, and more. One small hiccup can halt delivery if you don't identify problems quickly and respond appropriately. This is where solid logistics management software could make all the difference. 

To ensure efficiency, you'll want to look for these four features in particular:

  1. Real-time route optimization and visibility — having real-time visibility of your products has become a game changer, not only for the customers who enjoy easy access to shipping updates but also for dispatchers who can track products from beginning to end and adjust to any last-minute changes. 
  2. Predictive data analytics — forecasting is the key to up-selling existing customers, acquiring new ones, and more. Using the insight into shopping trends, history, and behavior, your team will better predict demand and respond appropriately. 
  3. Integration — to successfully get your product to the end-user every time and save on costs in the process, you must be able to integrate every aspect of your logistics. This will allow you to communicate at every touch-point in the supply chain and manage the entire operation in one place. 
  4. Management — Warehouse, Shipping, Inventory, Order, Supply Chain, and more. The more your software allows you to manage, the better. These features are set in place to simplify the process and help fulfillment run smoothly. 

The 10 best logistics management software for SMBs in 2022 

There are dozens of options when it comes to logistics management software. In fact, companies are fighting tooth and nail to deliver the best solutions to one of the most complex problems in the shipping process.

Here is the top 10 list of logistics management software for small and medium-sized businesses in the coming year.

1. FleetRunnr

Logistics software built for courier, distribution, retail, manufacturing, grocery and restaurant deliveries, providing enterprise grade features at an SMB price point. 

FleetRunnr is a highly flexible and easy-to-use delivery management and route optimization/planning software focusing on providing the right dose of automation, easy to build custom integrations and valuable AI driven report and analytic. 

Other important features include dynamic ETAs, real-time re-optimizations, delivery tracking, customer portals, simulation modelling, accounting, messaging, auto-dispatching and more.

Recommended if you want a solution that covers the entire logistics spectrum from first-mile to last-mile and everything in between to manage your fleet.

logistics management software logo - Fleetrunnr

Website: www.fleetrunnr.com 

Full-suite TMS for asset-based

2. ShipStation

As an order management solution, ShipStation is great for fulfilling orders for multiple channels at a time. ShipStation's biggest attraction is its many integrations with big names like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PayPal Payments, Salesforce Essentials, and many more. Other features include branded package tracking, mobile app access, and UPS and FedEx shipping rates at a discounted price. ShipStation is recommended if you don't have your own fleet and assets.

logistics management software logo - Ship Station

Website: www.shipstation.com 

Order management software


3. GSMtasks

GSMtasks is a delivery, task, and field service management solution that caters mostly to fleet drivers, technicians, and couriers. GSMtasks' most talked about feature is its route & task optimization feature. This is because it allows you to access the fastest routes at all times to make a speedy delivery. Other key features include color-coded visuals of daily tasks, delivery proof, and easy integration with CRMS, sales, and warehouses.  GSMtasks is recommended if you're focused on Last mile, but not if you want to work with the complete shipping cycle (pickups, transfers, returns, etc.).

logistics management software logo - GSM Tasks

Website: https://gsmtasks.com/

Dispatch and delivery software
for last-mile shipping 


4. FreightPOP

FreightPOP prides itself on being "built by shippers, for shippers." They connect to your systems to maximize the logistics process and inform decisions and planning. Their most favored features include carrier management (carrier information, evaluation, and performance), freight modes (pricing and definitions ), and customer management (documents and quotes).  FreightPOP is recommended if you need help finding carriers for your orders and don't need to optimize your on-ground delivery operations.

logistics management software logo - Freight POP

Website: www.freightpop.com 

TMS for non-asset-based


5. Rose Rocket

Rose Rocket is primarily a transportation management software. They're best used by brokerages and trucking companies and are often popularly known for being functional, easy to use, and at a great value. Their biggest features are a built-in quoting engine, seamless dispatch, on-demand track and trace, and syncing. Rose Rocket is recommended if you don't have complex routing and dispatching needs or if you're a broker.

logistics management software logo - Rose Rocket

Website: www.roserocket.com 

TMS for both asset-based and
non-asset-based companies


6. Envase/Tailwind

With more than 40 years of experience, Envase is well-known for merging several aspects of fulfillment into one system for the ultimate experience. In fact, they merge everything from entry and dispatch to business intelligence and settlements. Popular features include Automated Order Entry, Dispatch Optimization, Container Tracking, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

logistics management software logo - Envase

Website: www.envasetechnologies.com 

TMS for both asset-based and
non-asset-based companies


7. TracxTMS

TracxTMS is a cloud-based tracking and dispatch software, fully customizable and ideal for brokers or carriers. What's great about their software is, that although it is cloud-based, it can also be easily accessed via mobile and desktop (except a Chromebook). Other popular features of TracTMS include accounting integration, customer management, discount management, maintenance management, mileage tracking, and estimates. 

logistics management software logo - Tracx TMS

Website: https://tracxtms.com/ 

TMS for asset-based


8. Transfix TMS

Transfix TMS is widely known for flexible and smart freight management. They provide not only instant capacity and tender management but also offer real-life insights that enable more informed decision-making and planning. Other key features include routing, scheduling, alerts, shipping tracking and management, supplier management, and transportation management. Recommended if you're a non-asset-based company that would like to post load boards and find the best carriers to perform your deliveries.

logistics management software logo - Transfix TMS

Website: https://transfix.io/ 

TMS for non-asset-based


9. Elite EXTRA

Elite EXTRA is an award-winning dispatch management software, helps businesses deliver goods and services as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some of their top features include 3PL management, barcode recognition, barcoding/RFID, cross-docking, CRM, delivery tracking, customer database, and customer management.  

logistics management software logo - Elite EXTRA

Website: https://eliteextra.com/ 

Dispatch and delivery software
for last-mile shipping


Empower your business with FleetRunnr

There's nothing more important than boosting customer experience and efficiency in logistics. Both will increase your bottom line and keep your business running smoothly. FleetRunnr is not only one of the best delivery and logistics management software available, but it was created specifically with SMBs in mind. When you're ready to cut costs and save time on your product delivery, contact us for a free demo.

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