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What can be done with the FleetRunnr mobile apps

A guide on using FleetRunnr's mobile apps for on the go logistics management, Agent App for drivers and Mobile App for warehouse operatives.


Agent App:

  • View optimized sequences of stops as either list, map or summary view

  • Capture COD and POD

  • Perform actions such as Complete, Attempt or Re-schedule; manually or by scanning barcodes

  • Agent Wallet to view cash collections and earnings

  • Messaging (Coming Soon)

  • Offline mode


Warehouse App:

  • Receive packages at warehouse

  • Dispatch shipments manually via scanning barcodes

  • Create different shipment types from orders

  • Identify packages via scanning barcodes

  • Offline mode



In the world of logistics everything is always on the move. The need for a mobile approach to perform both warehouse and driver operations is crucial to get parcels or pallets outside the door and to the destination location in the fastest and most convenient way possible. We have designed both applications to give users the flexibility, ease of use and control they need for a successful delivery operation.

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Agent App

Agent app equips drivers with all the necessary tools to ensure on-time deliveries, while having full control of re-scheduling, re-shuffling, and re-optimizing visits.

Itinerary: The itinerary or route of the driver can be viewed in three different ways, either as a list, map or summary view.


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COD & POD: Drivers have the ability to capture cash on delivery payments or pre-payments, also they can capture proof of deliveries either via signature, image or both.


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Action Taking: Drivers can either manually or through scanning barcodes on waybills, perform actions on stops such as Completed, Picked-up, Attempted, Failed, and Reschedule.

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Agent Wallet: Wallet feature allows drivers to track the cash collected and earnings (payouts) for specific date and time frames.

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Messaging (Coming Soon): This feature unlocks real-time communications between drivers, customers, organizations, members and merchants.

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Offline Mode: FleetRunnr allows drivers to perform certain actions, such as completing a delivery, picking up a shipment, or scanning a barcode, even if they have poor or no internet connection. This can be useful for maintaining the delivery process even in areas with limited or unreliable internet access. When connectivity is restored, all of this information will be transmitted to the portal along with the correct timestamps, ensuring that the delivery process is accurately tracked and recorded. This feature can help you manage your deliveries more effectively and ensure that your drivers have the tools they need to succeed in their roles.


Mobile App

The FleetRunnr Mobile App is a tool that provides warehouse operatives and dispatchers with the ability to perform basic warehousing and dispatching procedures while on the go. This can be useful for maintaining the flow of operations even when employees are not able to access a desktop computer or are working in a remote location. The Mobile App can help warehouse operatives and dispatchers stay organized and productive, even when they are not in the office. It can also help to improve communication and collaboration between team members, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Receive packages at warehouse: The FleetRunnr Mobile App can be used to receive packages at specific locations if shipments originate from a custom or merchant location. This can be useful for managing the delivery process and ensuring that packages are received and stored properly. If a delivery shipment is failed or attempted, you can use the app to scan the packages and receive them at a warehouse, taking ownership of the packages. This can help you track and manage your shipments more effectively, ensuring that packages are received and stored properly and are ready for the next step in the delivery process.

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Dispatch shipments manually via scanning barcodes: You can dispatch orders manually by scanning barcodes or by assigning extra shipments to pre-existing routes. This can be useful if you need to make changes to your delivery routes on the fly, or if you need to add or remove shipments from a route.

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Create different shipment types: FleetRunnr allows you to create different shipment types for managing deliveries effectively. You can create routes with different flow types such as forward, return, transfers, and reverse orders. This allows you to handle each type of shipment properly and efficiently. By doing this, you can ensure that your delivery operations are organized and efficient.

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Identify Packages: The FleetRunnr mobile app allows you to scan barcodes to quickly access information about a particular shipment or order, including its status, assigned agent, packages, and state. This feature helps warehouse operatives and dispatchers better understand and manage orders, improving the overall delivery process.

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