FleetRunnr Change log - Nov 2023

November 2023 Feature Enhancements Changelog for FleetRunnr

Hello FleetRunnr Community,

I hope this blog post finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, we're excited to share with you some updates and upcoming features that will elevate your experience with FleetRunnr, our comprehensive delivery management and route optimization solution.

Completed Enhancements:

1. Change in Waybill Display: Delivery Date and Time
We've listened to your feedback and acted swiftly. The waybill now displays the delivery date and time, providing you with more accurate and real-time information about your deliveries.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 3.56.14 PM

2. Custom Domains and Branding
Your brand is unique, and now your FleetRunnr experience can reflect that. Custom domains and branding are now fully integrated, allowing you to personalize your platform to align with your brand identity. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 12.24.44 PM


3. Spreadsheet-Like Order Creation
Simplify your order management with our new spreadsheet-like format for bulk order creation. This feature ensures a seamless and efficient process for handling a large number of orders simultaneously.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 3.58.57 PM


Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 4.25.46 PM

4. Enhanced Order Page Columns: Pick-up and Delivery Time Windows
We understand the importance of time management in your operations. Now, you can add columns for pick-up and delivery time windows directly on the orders page, providing you with a clearer view of your schedules.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 4.32.49 PM

5. Order Timeline Enhancements
Your order timeline is now more detailed than ever. We've added shipping method names, cancellation reasons, and location names to provide you with a comprehensive view of your order's journey.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 4.31.09 PM

6. Driver Document Upload Feature
Empower your drivers with the ability to upload documents directly to an order, streamlining communication and documentation for smoother operations.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 4.37.46 PM

7. Driver Preferences: Update COD and Packages
Give your drivers more control over their processes. Now, drivers can easily update Cash on Delivery (COD) and package preferences based on their needs and the requirements of each delivery.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 4.41.13 PM

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 4.37.24 PM
8. Merge Merchant Billing and Settlements
To enhance clarity and efficiency, we've merged merchant billing and settlements, providing you with a unified and streamlined financial process.

Screen Shot 2023-11-15 at 3.16.21 PM

Screen Shot 2023-11-15 at 3.16.08 PM

9. Filterable Merchant Billing with Tags
Organize and filter merchants effortlessly by adding tags. This feature in the Merchant Billing section allows for greater control and ease of navigation in your billing processes.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 4.56.01 PM
Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 4.56.33 PM

10. Merchant Reports and Analytics
Get deeper insights into your operations with our new Merchant Reports and Analytics feature. Understand trends, track performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your delivery processes further.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 5.03.07 PM

11. Mobile Apps Web Sockets for Real-Time Updates and Syncing
Experience real-time updates and syncing on your FleetRunnr mobile apps with the integration of web sockets. Stay connected and informed on the go.

Next Week

Tracking Page for Merchants
Coming up next, we are introducing a tracking page for merchants. Keep an eye on the status and progress of your deliveries in real-time, enhancing visibility and transparency.

Import Process Refactor
In our upcoming release, we are refactoring the import process to ensure smoother and more efficient data imports, saving you time and reducing complexities.

Ability for Customers to Pay COD via Payment Link
Enhance the payment experience for your customers. Soon, customers will be able to conveniently pay Cash on Delivery (COD) through a payment connected on Stripe, providing a secure and seamless transaction process.



Stay tuned for these exciting updates and new features. At FleetRunnr, we're committed to providing you with the tools and innovations you need to streamline your delivery operations. Thank you for being a valued part of the FleetRunnr community.

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